Our projects

1- Conference system for main hall of the Arab League Summit – Baghdad 2012.
2- Conference system for main hallfor the ArabForeign Ministers – Baghdad 2011.
3- Conference system of the main hall in ministry of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
4- Conference system for the office of the minister of foreign affairs.
5- Conference system for Gilgamish hall inside Babil hotel.
6- Conference system for Iraqi president meeting room.
7- Nurse call for Al-Elwiah educational hospital – Baghdad.
8- Nurse call and Doctor paging for Karbala hospital- Karbala.
9- Radio and TV transmitters (OMB) in Tikret, Samaraa, Ba’aquba, Miqdadia and Karada.
10- Traffic gates system for Al-Ramady hospital.
11- Access system for Al-Ramady hospital.
12- Slide gates systems for Um-Alqura mosque.
13- Glass door system for Um-Alqura mosque.
14- Nurse call system for Gastroenterology and Hepatology Hospital– Basra.
15- Fire Alarm system for foreign in Baghdad.
16- Swing door systems for foreign in Baghdad.
17- Containers management system in Um-qaser port for private sector.
18-Cctv system 50 cameras and servers at umqasir port ( Sabaa storage yard ).

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